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After Effects Pixel Sorting Plugin · By Wunkolo

PixSort has disappeared

A topic by danhawkinsfilm created Nov 06, 2019 Views: 295 Replies: 3
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Hi all, are people finding that PixSort is still working with the AE CC 2020 update? I've tried to reinstall PixSort twice now, and although it's definitely there in the Plugins folder, it's not showing up in after effects. Can anyone help?


Can you provide some more information? Are you on Windows or Mac? Exactly what file are you putting where?

Adobe has not provided an official SDK update of any sort for the AE CC 2020 update.

Hey there, yeah I'm on a mac. os is 10.14.6. I'm putting the PixSort.plugin i the Plugins folder inside after effects Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Plugins - I've also tried it inside the Plugins/Effects folder but still no luck. The effect just isn't showing up in AE, either from the dropdown list of effects or when i search in effects and presets.


That is strange..

Just to be sure of the details, I do not have After Effects 2020 installed on my OSX system at the moment, are you putting it in:

"Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Plug-ins" (with the `-`?)

You mention "Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Plugins" and I have only recalled it with the "-" and want to be explicit that there isn't a discrepancy there.

Also, are you a previous user of this plugin? Has it worked before for you on this system until After Effects 2020? It might take some time for me to be able to recreate these circumstances on my end.