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Book Formats and bookmarkable URLs

A topic by Siren Tycho created 12 days ago Views: 24
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I have a book I've been thinking of distributing on Itch that starts out as a static website (so, directory of HTML files with an index.html, right now it's hosted here [NSFW!] if you want to see what I mean). I can upload it as a zipfile to itch and it's readable if I set the page to launch the site in fullscreen, but Itch seems to embed even fullscreen games in their iframe, which means that the browser's address bar stays at the Itch project page's URL as the user navigates chapters. Is there a way to escape this (other than by iframe-escape trickery that's likely to trigger people's adblockers), or to communicate a hash to Itch's page so my readers can bookmark their postion in the story, share chapter links, etc, as if it were a normal website?

I'm loathe to convert the book to epub or pdf, because though it's not a twine game it's really meant to be consumed in a browser.