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An AI seedship must find a home for the last survivors of the human race · By John Ayliff


A topic by gammadion created Nov 04, 2019 Views: 1,031 Replies: 9
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Aliens placed colonists into simulation : ) 

3Mon Nov 04 2019New EarthEgalitarian Industrial Republic9076

Welcoming, and the colonists learn that the natives call their planet Uluunna. Native relations (Immigrants, rich hybrid culture): Total: 10420

Baxuor's alien forests stretch away beneath a pale blue sky. Native relations (Genocide of Colonists): -2000

<td <thu="" oct="" 03="" 2019<="" td="">>td >Bounty</td>
1Mon Nov 04 2019MidasInformation Age Cosmic Enlightenment11368
2Tue Nov 05 2019UluunnaEngaged Information Age Democracy10420
3Sat Oct 05 2019BountyCorrupt Information Age Democracy9116
4Mon Nov 04 2019New EarthEgalitarian Industrial Republic9076
5Tue Oct 22 2019El DoradoEgalitarian Medieval Republic8984
6Fri Oct 04 2019TinaCorrupt Post-Singularity Democracy8862
7Egalitarian Iron Age Republic8280
8Tue Nov 05 2019ArcticaOppressive Medieval Theocracy7730
9Fri Oct 25 2019CornucopiaDystopian Information Age Police State7080
10Sat Oct 05 2019CornucopiaBenevolent Bronze Age Monarchy6791
11Sat Oct 05 2019ParadiseIndustrial Slave Empire6610
12Mon Nov 04 2019EdenBronze Age Slave Empire5560
13Sat Oct 05 2019MorlockIron Age Slave Empire5373
14Tue Nov 05 2019MidasWarring Industrial States5081
15Sat Oct 05 2019EdenWarring Medieval States4980
16Sat Oct 05 2019ParadiseWarring Pre-Stone Age Tribes4445
17Mon Nov 04 2019CueballNeolithic Slave Empire3230
18Sat Oct 05 2019Terra NovaPre-Stone Age Savagery2662
19Sun Oct 13 2019ArcadiaKilled by Natives1380

20   Thu Nov 07 2019   BaxuorLong-term Technological Failure    1253

Enigmatic objects periodically descend from the alien structures in orbit, and colonists living close to these objects occasionally find themselves inspired to make technological breakthroughs. Final culture (Post-Scarcity Utopia) Total: 10506 Planets visited: 5 

The AI wakes to an alert from the sleep chambers. A malfunction has caused 34 of the sleep chambers to prematurely begin their revival process, thousands of years from the nearest star. 
With their community established, the colonists try to find ways to help the seedship on its journey. Final culture (Rule by Corporations) Planets visited: 16. Total: 8074

El Dorado's alien forests stretch away beneath a pale blue sky. The ruins of the colony are overgrown with alien plants and overrun by alien animals. The colonists' descendants live on as slaves to the intelligent natives, but they have lost all knowledge of Earth.

Planets visited: 16

Planet atmosphere:250
Planet gravity:500
Planet temperature:500
Planet water:500
Planet resources:500
Survivors after landing:768
Survivors after settlement construction:743
Final technology level (Industrial):1500
Native relations (Colonists Enslaved):-1000

Planets visited: 14

Planet atmosphere:500
Planet gravity:250
Planet temperature:500
Planet water:500
Planet resources:500
Survivors after landing:1000
Survivors after settlement construction:988
Final technology level (Information Age):2000
Final culture (Engaged Democracy):2000
Surviving scientific database × 10:1000
Surviving cultural database × 10:840

A squadron of the natives' spacecraft intercepts the seedship as it approaches and guides it down, while natives on the ground prepare a landing area. The surviving colonists wake from their sleep chambers and survey their new home. The seedship is quickly surrounded by an encampment of native soldiers, scientists, and diplomats. The two species manage to achieve communications, and the colonists learn that the natives call their planet La Vok.The natives grant the humans asylum on their planet, and the refugees become an immigrant subculture within the alien civilisation.The humans live as immigrants inside the alien society, with a strong memory of Earth's cultural heritage that enhances the native culture.Final technology level (Post-Singularity):3000 Native relations (Immigrants, Earth remembered): 0 Final culture (Post-Scarcity Utopia): 2500 Total: 9887

Final technology level (Pre-Stone Age):0Final culture (Savagery):0Total:3114