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The Weave of Heroes - Free Android RPG

A topic by i_and_cow created Jan 31, 2017 Views: 263 Replies: 2
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we are Alex and Julien. We have just released The weave of Heroes, a free indie game on Android and Web.

Play on Android

Your little sister has been kidnapped by nasty Carnagos serving a mysterious leader. On you way, an old sage teaches you the secret of the Weave…

You can watch the trailer here :

The Weave of Heroes is an RPG that mixes strategy and risk-taking. Fulfill quests, choose your combat techniques and use them at the right time depending on your adversary. Experiment and find your own play style. In the Weave of Heroes, rock-paper-scissors is no longer a game of chance!

Features :

  • A simple combat system literally based on rock-paper-scissors
  • A selection of techniques allowing for clever combinations and varied combat
  • A colorful and cheerful graphic universe, inspired by cartoons
  • An adventure full of humor and colorful characters
  • A Legend competition mode requiring skill and risk-taking
  • More than 50 varied and original achievements to unlock in the Android version

See you soon on the wall of fame !

Hello, please tell us about our game. We would like to know your opinion.

Thank you very mych :)

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We have some awsome feedback, thank you so much !

Craig Forshey on SuperGameDroid :

With its silly storyline, wonderful art style, and engrossing combat system The Weave Of Heroes makes for a great mobile-centric RPG.

Piotr Apostel on GameDev :

It's design is brilliant in it's tightness and variety!

Let's play by NimbleThor :