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The Midnight Lapse: Reborn / 3D Horror Game

A topic by AlexTrust created Jan 30, 2017 Views: 193
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Early access to the Remastered version of the Midnight Lapse with new features and secrets. The game is stable, but development will go on to improve it's quality.

Changes and features:

  • Tutorial has been added to explain the main strategies of the game
  • One recipe and two items to terrorise your foes
  • A mirror and spy-cameras mechanics to watch at your enemies.
  • A small game which can help you to beat the main game.
  • Enemies are sensitive to light and noise
  • Realtime room-shuffling system (it feels like an earthquake).
  • Noise mechanics - they can hear you.
  • Mystical plot, insane monsters and endless chase make an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness.