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Third Person RPG where your choices will guide your fate. · By bakershah

​Is this game finished?

A topic by 5ilvara created Oct 27, 2019 Views: 29 Replies: 2
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Is this game finished?

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, There were 2 other episodes planned however due to lack of success and funding further development has ceased. The current version is the complete game which we feel ends the story we wanted to tell. We may do further work on it in the future but that is up in the air for now. 

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Thank you.

Well, in that case, is the price of $5 fair according to the current amount of contents in the game?  

There is no demo version and I want to play your game. 

But if the game feels like it's in alpha stage or if it's filled with bugs, for $5 online, I'd ask for a refund until I get one. 

That's why I asked if it was finished. 

PS: It's just my opinion,'d be easier for me to trust in your answer if I could get it before 62 days this time. I mean, I'd probably have forgotten about this game again by that time.