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The generator only shows me base screen with 0 buildings?

A topic by Nela88 created 29 days ago Views: 360 Replies: 5
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So the site was working all fine. i created some maps. After few maps it kinda "got stuck" so i refreshed the page. Now im sitting and watching  the base color with nothing in it. All buttons dissappeared etc :(


Apparently the generator has crashed. Or it has crashed the browser. But anyway refreshing the page should have helped. Have tried to kill the browser and launch it again?

Yeah, i refreshed the page. Closed my browser then tried again. Tried even with IE but still same result :( i was moving a road whenit got stuck and didn't recover from that

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Probably IE wasn't really restarted, one of his processes is hanging there and it's corrupted (at least it happens to Chrome from time to time). Right now I can't tell you how to resolve it, but you can try the non-itch version of the generator.


I had the same problem with Chrome. When I tried Microsoft Edge it worked, however after trying Edge again after closing it I got the same result as with Chrome and it wont work again. I have restarted the computer but none of them work atm.

I'm having the same issue, restarted my entire PC but still blank