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Difficulty Giving Level 3 Colonists Clothing

A topic by Nickster206 created Oct 20, 2019 Views: 5,183 Replies: 2
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I managed to make a toga which, by the little heart icon with the number 3, I'm sure is used to satisfy the clothing requirement. I have a colonist lying down in front of a log cabin with their food and shelter conditions met, so the only thing left before they can produce 100x wux is the clothing. The problem is I don't know how to give the colonist the toga. Left clicking and right clicking both do not give the toga to the colonist either when they're on the log cabin or just lying around on the ground. Am I missing a specific tool to equip clothing to colonists or something? Please help. Thank you in advance.

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ya I have yet to figure out how to cloth them as well, i'm stuck currently until we figure it out. I have made the tunic, dress, jumper, poncho,and all hats. the only thing i haven't tried is the toga and robe.

UPDATE: you have to ctrl+RMB on the colonists in order to cloth them

Use ctrl+right click or use ALT and hover over anything to see what action you can do with the in hand item.