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Two-player One-button game that won #GGJ in Poznań

A topic by ANtY created Jan 24, 2017 Views: 376
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The game won Global Game Jam edition in Poznań, with 35 points, second place was 15.

Check it out! It's a two-player single-button game, we played it instead of making for most of the jam :D

Prove yourself as the best mexican wave initiator and take part in the ancient Mayan ritual. Have fun and remember not to lose your head!

Local multiplayer "sports" game for everyone (single button game!) with fast and dynamic gameplay accompanied with awesome chiptunes.

Player on the left plays with Spacebar, and player on the right plays with Enter / Return.

Also check out our bigger game that is currently in development -

Link to the game -

Tell me what you think :)

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