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Why the black border?

A topic by JeremyJohn created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 282 Replies: 5
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Hi to all, i'm new here and i love this program, soon i'll be making some games with it, but seriously why there is this black border even on fullscreen? Is there some utility that i'm not aware of? If not, could you please remove it? It would be awesome.




The black border is a result of TIC screen scaling factor which can be only integer.

So screen resolution can only be


So there's no way i can use it fullscreen without borders? Couldn't be made in a way that the "pixels" sizes are relative to the window size? Something like this:

pixel_size_x = window_width / 240

pixel_size_y = window_height / 136

Sorry for any inconvenience.


I'm going to add CONFIG file support with all sorts of system variables and here can be 'pixel-perfect' variable to enable/disable black border for example.

Could you please create an issue here https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues and I'll fix it with next releases.


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Talking about resolutions, by default it uses 3x scaling factor right ?


Yes, you are right it uses 3x scaling by default