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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace [EARLY DEMO]

A stylish turn-based RPG/action platformer hybrid. · By Pringle

Feedback (discord server, controll scheme)

A topic by PhilipL created Oct 11, 2019 Views: 214
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(I am making a topic, because there are no ordinary comments)

In the trailer there seemed like there was a reference to a discord server / user. In the case there is a server, you really should feature a link somewhere in the promotional material. Or if there isn't one, this game really deserves one. 

I have also tried out the demo, though i have not finished it yet, i am enjoying it. The controls are probably my biggest problem. I am having trouble using the controls, and there really should be some way of making your own control scheme. Also, it should be added early in development so you won't have to go back and comb through the code to make it work.

I get the impression this game was made with GMS2. In that case i could write up a project that allows you to change the control scheme. I haven't made a customizable control scheme before, and i am not an expert with the program, but i would love the challenge. Only given the game actually was made in GMS2 and you deem it necessary :/

Good luck with development, and kudos with the great trailer

Edit: All the issues were addressed even before i made this post