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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Question about saving.

A topic by NovaFoxy created Oct 11, 2019 Views: 364 Replies: 3
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I don't get how to load the saves?  Whenever I reopen the .exe to play the game  again it just takes me to where I have to choose another route which leads to me making another character.. :/ So I'm wondering how I would go about doing that. This is probably an over asked question too but I just lost couple hours of gameplay..


Saving happens not only automatic, but also manually. If you did not have a save file that means you were playing the game from its Zip file, so it could never actually create a save file.

You need to unzip the game to be able to play it properly :)

Oh that makes sense thanks.

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I just played 4 h worth of content and .... I saved it...but from zip file. *cry cry cry* I wish I knew, Damn my impatience *cry*  Going to do it proper way now ... thanks