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Revenot - Under Development

Revenot is an adventure RPG game with procedurally generated maps and items, under development. · By Beorgames

Feedback - [10/10/2019]

A topic by Caleb created Oct 09, 2019 Views: 25 Replies: 1
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Initial Thoughts

I have seen this game around since what seems to have been its birth on Instagram. I very much like the visuals and how everything has been crafted. I have seen this game grow and like what I see.


I launched into the game on my phone, I was able to spin my camera around and zoom in with the touch controls. I was not able to move with tapping and I was not able to find a way to do so. I was however, able to move to a nearby NPC by tapping on them, but I wasn't able to move freely.

General Thoughts

I really do like this game, it seems to be heading in the right direction. If I have missed something with the movement, could you please tell me how to do so, I would love to explore this world. With enough time, this might become the RPG game I've been looking for on a mobile device. You may or may not have noticed, that the Play store (and probably itunes/apple?) is littered with money grabbers and there aren't too many (free) games that seem to catch the eye or have much content in them to make them an enjoyable piece for more than 2 minutes. As said, with this project so far and where I've seen it come from, there is a very high chance it will become something great. 



Hey Caleb! Thanks for the feedback!! 

At the bottom left corner there's a joystick that activates once you click there, but thanks to your feedback it'll become always visible 👍

My intention is really this to make a good mobile game, not pay to win or that you can advance only by paying something, the intention is to make it free, of course that if I can make any money with the game I'll be more than happy 😅

About the camera controls, I'm working on it right now to improve it's performance, as it's really hard to control zoom and rotation.

Thanks for playing!