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Hello there!

I can't find how to reach out to you about In the Hall of the Copper King :P 

Can you share your Discord or email?

Thanks a lot! Feel free to share feedback

Cool, thanks for the video!

Can you add a link to the game there?

Hey there, the game looks pretty small, why don't you make a web build so people can try it without downloading? 

Really cool game! I think it could be a little more optimized :P It was pretty sluggish on my side

Hey there! I met you at the Game Jolt party last week, but I didn't get your contact :P 

How's the easiest way to reach out to you?

Hey there! This game is great! Congratulations! :D 

I sent you a message on Instagram :P 

Super cool! Had a lot of fun learning it!

Will do, thanks a lot! 

Oh, that makes sense. The game looks so beautiful. Congrats! 

Cool, thanks a lot for your reply

Hey, sorry about that, I'm working hard to fix that issue :X 

Wow, this is a fantastic game! And it is so light, you should try to make a web playable version, so people don't have to download it to try. Have you thought about it yet?

Hey there, the game looks fantastic! What engine are you using? 

Cool! Is it only one level? I couldn't play more

Hey, that's exciting! Great job! I don't remember if I already commented this previously, but it would be nice to see the bar from the last kick, to prevent shooting the same again and having crappy results :P
Also a quick "reload" by pressing the R key would speed up the game


Hey there, this game is fantastic! Congratulations! 

I took some time to understand the controls because I put on fullscreen when the game was launched and missed the controls, maybe you could add a small tutorial? 

How can I reach out to you to talk more about the game? 

Hey there, this game is really cool! how can I reach out to you? 

Fun game, looking forward to seeing more content! 

The first time you play, without any tutorial, it is not so clear that the plane is following the crosshair; for me, that would be the place I would shoot by clicking with the left mouse button; it took a while to understand how to move the plane. 

I found a minor bug, unlocking the dynamite after the anvil didn't start shooting dynamites.

I think this could attract a good audience if you would be interested in developing it further to make it a commercial project.  Let me know what you think :) 

Hey, this is a really fun game :D I also took a while to be able to control the plane. Are you still developing it?

Heey thanks so much for your nice comment :D 

Hey! This game is super fun!! I would love to have some improvements like a fast speed button and a small tutorial at start, but it has a lot of potential!

Do you have an email for business inquiries?

Yup, I think cosmetics make more sense in this game. Maybe some different level themes, but this would require more work :P 

Hey, I saw you made some major improvements to the game! Congrats!!
Now you only need to add something to spend those coins on :P 

Hey, this is a fun project, are you still working on it? 

Hey, I loved how you merged these two types of games, it became a super thrilling action shooter! Do you have an email for business inquiries? 

Really cool game :D You should post it on other platforms as well ;) 

Hey, the new version looks fantastic! 
Do you have an email for business inquiries? 

Yeah enemies arrows are a bit hard to spot, I'll check how to make them more visible :P 

I thought about publishing it on Steam, but I'm afraid I'll need to invest heavily on marketing before that :( 

Wow! Super hard but super fun! It gave me lots of ideas to implement on my survival game as well

Are you still working on it? 

Hey this game is super fun! I have a similar one, but in 3D, I'd love your feedback:
Are you still developing it? 

That's great! Thanks for your reply. 

Yeah, I think mostly QoL stuff, it would be nice to see what that element "Shadow" refers to. 

Do you have an email to talk more about publishing it? 

Thanks for getting back to me Kevin. Do you have an email for business inquiries?

Hey, really cool game! Just one tip, avoid using CTRL for web games, because CTRL+W will close the tab :P
Are you still working on this?

Hey, really cool game with tons of content! Congrats!!

Are you still working on it?