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That's great! Thanks for your reply. 

Yeah, I think mostly QoL stuff, it would be nice to see what that element "Shadow" refers to. 

Do you have an email to talk more about publishing it? 

Thanks for getting back to me Kevin. Do you have an email for business inquiries?

Hey, really cool game! Just one tip, avoid using CTRL for web games, because CTRL+W will close the tab :P
Are you still working on this?

Hey, really cool game with tons of content! Congrats!!

Are you still working on it?

It doesn't load for me :(

Hey there,

The game is really small, have you thought about making a web version? I really don't like downloading games to play :P 

Cool! Have you thought about publishing it on other websites? I think it could really attract a good audience

Really cool game, congrats! What's the best way to reach out to you? 

Cool! Looking forward to it!

Hi, why would this be stolen? Have you found any similar game?

Hey, this is a really cool game! Are you planning on developing it further?

Lol, really fun, got to be careful driving on the beach :P 

Really great game!  loved the art as well. The music becomes repetitive by the end, but its a 10/10!

Are you planning on developing more levels?

Really fun! I liked the idea of the arena becoming crowded with enemies. Are you still developing it?

Really cool! Unfortunately it sometimes lags a bit. Maybe it would be nice to allow players to disable some of the post processing to help it

But it is a great game! 

Fun game, Since the mechanics are simple you could add a local two player mode, I think it would be super cool

Cool! Please let me know if you manage to do that!

Fantastic! Please keep me posted :D

Hey, really cool game, congrats! What engine did you use to create it? And are you still developing it? 

Cool game, but it can take a long time if the last ball get stuck during the slow-motion :P 

Are you still working on this?

Interesting idea, but there's a long way ahead to make it to a full game.

It feels like it lacks something at the start, to keep the player engaged. I walked around for a few minutes before finding the raft, and the slimes are just annoying. Maybe add some more features like drops from the enemies and loot spread in the map

I got stranded in the island on the map to the right after the sword,. I went up in the map and found nothing, so I returned and when I touched the island I couldn't hop on the raft anymore. I think that area shouldn't be accessible, right?

Hey there, the game is pretty light, have you tried making a web version? 

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Hey, this is a really cool game! I love tactics games and this really inspired me! The idea of being able to play on both teams is super fun, having different objectives with each team is also interesting

It would be nice to have a little fewer messages though, it felt like the start of the game was a bit slow

Hey, this is a cool game. I loved the particle effects hitting the ground and the whole physics of the game :D 

I have some feedback if you're interested:

  • The sound gets super loud when the player completes the level
  • The player must get too close to the green arrow to win, it would be nice if the area was a bit bigger
  • It would be nice to see "distance to target" somewhere
  • And also the spaceship's health
  • Being able to improve the spaceship using those crystals would be a great thing as well.

Hope you kee working on this project.

That's fantastic! Do you have an email for business inquiries? I believe the current version can already start monetizing for you :D 

Hey this game is fantastic! It gave me lots of ideas for my survival game as well :P 

I played with a critter "deck" favoring all skills that summoned critters or benefit them, and I loved the vulture skill, being able to eat the dead corpses is really fantastic! 

Are you sill working on this game?

Hey, this game is so cool! 

I have a survival game as well (,  but it doesn't involve cars :P I'd love to hear your opinion about it.

Do you have an email for business inquiries? 

Wow, thank you so much for spotting that! Fixing it in the next update.

Nice amount of cash btw! I see you've been playing for a while :P 

Feel free to reach out with more tips, I'm currently improving the game :D 

Hey, this game is really fun, congrats! I have a PVP mode in my game that looks a lot like this :P 

Are you still developing it? 

Hey, thanks for your comment. I'm working on preparing the mobile version. 

As for the enemies, can you suggest some behaviours you'd like to see

Hey, the controls are better indeed!
There's something colliding with the ball as soon as you kick, looks like an invisible collider.

As for the overkicking, maybe make the bar go back when it reaches the max?

Thank you so much! Yeah, I learned a lot by playing it, you did a fantastic job!

This game is super cool! 

It inspired me to do some changes on my survival game

Hey this game is really cool! I also have a similar game that spawned off a game jam :P 

Here's the link please let me know what you think! :)

Hey there! 10 Minutes Till Dawn was an inspiration for creating my game called Hero Battle Fantasy Arena. I would love to hear everybody thoughts on it. Check it out at and let me know what you think! :)

It has a web playable version and I've just launched it for Desktop and it is on sale 60% off :D 

Hey, this game is fantastic! Do you have an email for business inquiries?

Friend request sent :D 

Really cute indeed, well done :D 

Oi! Esse jogo é muito massa, vc tem um email pra contato?

Hey there,

I really enjoyed this game, do you have an email for business inquiries