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Building Count?

A topic by Hobbton created 12 days ago Views: 173 Replies: 4
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Is there a way to see how many buildings there are, or to see how many buildings per district there are as well? I'd like to know, I'm trying to set populations of towns and every number I use just doesn't feel right and I don't want to have to count every building on all my maps. Is there a way to see this information and if not, could it be made available?

Also, on an unrelated note. Is there a way to increase the resolution when exporting as a PNG?


To see total building number press and hold the spacebar, it will be displayed in the top left corner of the app window.

There is no way to increase the resolution of exported images, 8K pixels is the maximum supported by OpenFL. At least it used to be the maximum, I need to check if it's still relevant.

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Thank you for that info on the space bar, that is very helpful. I love this tool you make, it is really the best. Any thought on even bigger cities, like huge or metropolis, is it even possible?

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In the non-itch version you can generate larger cities by editing the size parameter in the url:

They don't look too good, that's why there is no UI for generating cities this big.


Fair enough. Thank you for the assistance.