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Shader Is Constantly Corrupted Into: Hidden/InternalErrorShader

A topic by AnthonyUccello created Oct 07, 2019 Views: 444 Replies: 2
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We have an issue with the shader setting. We have a shader that we set on a Super Text Mesh object that periodically gets set to Hidden/InternalErrorShader. 

Do you know why/how this is happening?


My first guesses are...

Have you moved any files within Clavian/SuperTextMesh/Resources? There's some files in there that determine default materials, so maybe it's setting something to null...

Is this happening consistently with another action? Such as... entering playmode, editing an STM object... I'm guessing the letters change to pink squares when this happens?

Are you using HDRP/LWRP code that interacts with STM's shaders? I was able to find this from someone else that looks similar: Maybe the names inside a script aren't matching up with the variables inside STM?

You were right files were moved. The nested shaders folder is ignored as its under the root folder. We moved a copy into our main folders and that worked.

Thank you!