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NEO NIJI: Make Rainbows!

A topic by derpanet created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 109
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NEO NIJI is a glorious cosmic frenzy of cats that explode into black holes, bombs that are afraid of dropping, aliens addicted to abductions, rainbow-eating sharks and much more to delight in. Mobile-ready with nostalgic Tetris-inspired controls, your mission as a rainbonaut is to make rainbows out of falling tiles in a kawaii galaxy of over 60 levels. Alongside a pun-loving sloth as your galaxy guide, together you'll unlock new tiles of the cosmix, fantastical boosters, and rewarding challenges from far away dimensions.

Here's our home on the App Store. Stay tuned for updates on our page!

Welcome to the NEO NIJI galaxy, rainbonaut!