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[Unity] [Programmer] 3D Games Czech is looking for a programmer

A topic by 3D Games Czech created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 290 Replies: 8
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Hello studio 3D Games Czech is looking for a programmer.For the development of the game 3D Tube tycoon is an improved version of the Youtubers life and Tube Tycoon.This game will be from the first person view and you will play for youtubera who goes to work natačí videos and everything with this the united.We can offer you if the game will have výdělej as part of this earnings.We require:Knowledge of C# and java.Potential candidates thank you.


3D Games Czech

I am no expert, but I can try to help

hello if this offer is still valid I would like to take us

skype: ibitox

ok thank you

ibitox = el quezada


Ib Quezada from México yep

hi I already sent you a request on skype, I think from Dan Fiala as income and otherwise good game

I don't have any request, which is your skype? so I add you?