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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Pubic Style Customization release v1 for Strive 0.5.25

A topic by ANGERaw created Oct 05, 2019 Views: 7,442 Replies: 4
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This was long struggle, but i finaly made it in form that could be good to release (yes i lost my freaking sanity if i ever had such thing)

whole mod was designed from nothing:


- 20 customizeable pubic styles for female characters

- options are sorted by race from less to more haired variations

- unique description for every single style you can chose

- functional and simple button with label inside "customization menu"

- keywords in Pubic Styles are described with pink color

-mod is safety to use and should be easy to use with other mods

-short and easy instalation instruction and credits are inside 

-mod affect saves, but can be safety removed from the game whenever you want

Compatibily issues:
you might need to use "replace backup files" shinanigans to made it works with mods thats edit or

i used it brutaly droping on whole my mod setup and works fine :)

mod was tested for modded and vanilla game with no errors or other problems i could detect

Future plans:
get some decent feedback and improve my mod based on it

add more customization options

add some racial restriction for pubic styles

if i drown in my own madness maybe whole redesign of function to be applied from potion or something like this

i wanna get back to doing small and charming changes affecting small parts of code at my free time :)

Have fun.

So... when you say pubic styles. You mean pubic hair?

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yes and more, when your lady have scales or feathers or fur, you have options for it too

fuck even dryad can be customized with leaves and vines

slime and scylla was not ignored too

however new characters are generated with deffault predefined in other files 

I'm sorry for necroposting, but I wanted to ask if you could update it for 1.0d?

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yes go ahead!, i will be happy to see my work still alive

OWW, i honestly tried, but game lost a lot of its charm for me also i burned out on gameplay and sequel proved to be too slow and managment  heavy for me