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A lone star cruiser drifts through the void of space. Its name is marked into the hull: Triode. You have been entrusted to be the ship's Captain. The ship is helpless, and its main thrusters are offline. But, there's one last hope. There's just enough power for your life support systems and weapons. It may be quiet in space, but you're certainly not alone. A siren sounds from your one remaining computer. You have drifted into alien territory. Tensions between the Corriak and the Star Coalition have been high for some time now, and they won't take kindly to a Coalition ship violating their space. A Corriak scout finds your ship and notifies their fleet commander. There is now a massive alien fleet coming for you. Do you have what it takes to fight them off? Your ship's fate hangs in the balance.

Name: Triode
Created By: Sharp Games
Genre: Tactical, Retro
Created with: GameMaker Studio
Artist: Jarett Sharp
Project Manager: Micah Holmes
Developer: Matt Smith
Music By:
Matt Smith
Website: (Under Construction)
Platform: Windows