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Walls Closing In

At the tattered ends of trauma...can you survive the Butcher of Northbury Grove one last time? · By Scythe Dev Team

Development Roadmap | What We Have Planned Sticky Locked

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Here's the scoop

At Scythe Dev Farms, er... Team, we didn't want to push this game out as an early alpha. We believe that delivering a finished experience is essential to proving to you guys (our fans) that we mean business.

Because of this, Walls Closing In is ultimately a finished product. But that doesn't mean we're going to stop supporting the game, or you can't expect future updates.

Walls Closing In is our fifth game we've released, so we've done this a few times. With that experience you can probably expect bugs, and perhaps a few of them. We've rigorously tested the game to ensure nothing is game-breaking, but these things happen.

Development Roadmap

Phase 1 | Quality of Life

  1. Game-Breaking bugs take priority! As soon as we get a reproducible report of game-breaking bug, we'll immediately patch it and send out the fix. To keep the game current, we highly recommend using the app, as it automatically keeps all titles up to date, but we will always post announcements to let you know when things are being updated!
  2. Smaller, miscellaneous bugs will be fixed as well, these are just as important, but are easy to compound into a single patch if we collect a few of them, and squash them all at once. Game-breaking bugs will be the spearhead that determines when and how frequent these patches come out, but always expect minor bugfixes to be included.
  3. Performance fixes are something to expect as well. We've ensured the game runs as smooth as we can, but the Unity Engine is an ever-evolving, ever-improving engine, so occasional minor or even major performance increases are something to expect as well.

Phase 2 | Additional Content

We always try to squeeze in as much as we can, and in the usual spirit of our game dev debauchery, we will be adding some fun additional features into the game post release. We haven't settled on anything specific yet... But some ideas we're playing with are:

  • A timed not-so-secret mode (like King's Comfort's 'Midnight Mode') to add an additional layer of challenge and fun to the game. These concepts are usually pretty off the wall, but allow us to have a little fun with the game.
  • A 1:1 remake of the original 'Northbury Grove' in our updated engine we used for Walls Closing In. Imagine what we can do now?
  • A Survival Sandbox Mode in which the player tries to survive as one of the other guests at Rock the Warehouse. How long can you outrun the slasher before you run out of supplies?
  • Slasher Mode | Play the game from the perspective of the slasher, stop the events of Walls Closing In from ever happening! The Void is Calling... 

We may do one, some, all or none. Let us know what sounds most appealing to you!

Development Timeframe

We don't have specific dates for Patch 2, but Patch 1 is guaranteed. With all of that said, we're really looking forward to fleshing this game out as much as we can, and as always, watching your Lets Play's and Streams.

Scythe Dev Team