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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

UE4 prerequisite failing to install

A topic by Barnan created Jan 14, 2017 Views: 926 Replies: 2
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I have been attempting to run Aven colony but when i do the game pops up with a system error missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll file after this pop up it tires to open up the UE4 intallation which fails soon after. i am not sure how to solve this issue.

Any help would be appritiated.


I have installed the Itch app to my desk top and installed the game through it. upon launching the game it pops up asking for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime". Clicking ok launches the UE4 Prerequisite.

It appears to have installed but when launching the game it prompts the installer anyway only giving the option to uninstall, which does nothing but requires the installation again.

After restarting the machine i am unsure how to proceed, and i would very much like to actually play the game i bought. If anyone knows what i need to do please let me know


Developer (1 edit)

Can we ask you to email us with your dxdiag? Maybe we can figure out why the Unreal Engine 4 prerequisites aren't installing for you!