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=Creations= Sticky

A topic by Esyverse created Sep 27, 2019 Views: 830 Replies: 7
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Share your work or see others in this topic. Be sure to adjust project settings before taking an export. Any modded version, custom map or game mode is welcome. Happy modding!

how do I open this?


You must have Unity 3D engine. After you extracted the project, in Unity Editor click File > Open project and choose Backrooms project folder. You can also open a scene in Assets > =Scenes= to open the project.



Deleted 3 years ago

That's a nice sound mod! I'll put this in the next update. Thank you very much <3

PS Vita Port

I made a port of the game for PS Vita.

Link here:

To install it, you will need a modded PS Vita (search it).


That’s great! Thank you for sharing :)

Backrooms Remastered

I made a remastered version that add a new VHS mode, high resolution textures and other new effects !

Its available on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

Link here: