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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Bugs and suggestions for more features

A topic by Soundkeeperz created 25 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 4
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First of all: this plugin is great!
even tho there are some things i dont enjoy that much, like artifacts when using time machine / time machine 2, basically a weird sounding low-mid range (doesnt happen with the mono stuff but if you have a stereo kick..yea) and that, depending on the kick sample, some kicks sound shorter when pitched higher, which doesnt really happen with the mono algorhythm.
also it would be cool if you had 3 zones, one for the really short attack of the kick, one for the punch and one for the tail, so that you can pitch the punch & the tail independently from each other. Also a loop-function would be really cool to loop a certain part of the kick after a certain point.
Thats about everything that came to my mind so far, anyway, like i said: great plugin and im sure it will get even better!

The algorithm artifacts in Time Machine was actually a bug, that has been fixed already for the next patch (1.0.1), coming sometime this week (probably tomorrow).

The punch and tail are already separated in terms of pitching though. (As long as you have checked "Separate tail".) I suppose you mean other things like volume & equalizing?

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying it! <3

I know about the "seperate tail" option, i meant that some kicks have a tonal punch which you can pitch too, so you basically have like 7ms (the attack/transient) then the punch (the tonal part of the punch) and then the tail.
And i mean like 3 zones so you have the first zone that doesnt get pitched for the transient, then a zone to pitch the tonal punch and then the last zone to pitch the tail. (basically like sub zero project - all for one)
Nice to hear theres a new patch coming that soon, good work!

Ahhh I see. Yeah, that's been on the todo list as well by using multiple midi channels, but I have to think about that a bit more. I might do it at some point, because I do like the idea a lot, but it would add a lot of complexity to the UI that a beginning user might not understand immediately, if you know what I mean. So that requires a bit of design work. But it's on the list! :D

Nice to hear! 
yea i get what you mean, maybe with a "Advanced Sample-Options" button?xD