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Golden Treasure: The Great Green

A game about the dragon within us all. Become Draak, and rejoice. · By Dreaming Door

Linux build for Unity 2019.3.0a6?

A topic by StupidWeasel created Sep 21, 2019 Views: 74 Replies: 2
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Are there unity binaries available for the full game (which is using unity 2019.3.0a6)? The demo is using unity 2018.2.9f1 and I don't have any other unity games locally using 2019.3.0a6.

Offtopic, but I completely loved the demo - a lovely blend of IF and rpg gameplay, especially with the richness of the writing. Thank you!


Hello StupidWeasel,

There are currently compatibility issues with Unity 2019.3.0a6 and FMOD when we created a build for Linux.  We moved to 2019.3 to fix certain graphical issues related to a change made in Unity 2019.1. However, being in any "non-stable" branches of Unity unfortunately causes Linux builds with FMOD integration to fail. We found that 2019.2 (the current stable branch) does work with FMOD on Linux. We worked with the Linux Game Consortium and found the best solution was to wait for Unity to make a stable branch.

In the future, it might be possible to make an official Linux Build through the 2019.2 version of Unity, though we are still doing testing on this front when we can. It is entirely possible that this testing will coincide with the Time of Creation update content. At that point, the Linux version could be released when Time of Creation is officially released.

Thanks for playing the demo! Hopefully that clarifies the state of Linux development. 

Ahh, thanks for the quick reply Isaac - it's good to know where things stand & excellent to hear there is still the possibility of a linux build in the future.