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Welp it's been a week since launch, and I've been talking with players outside of itch, noting feedback and uncovered any bugs.
The bugs will be fixed in 1.0.1, coming soon.

Bug reports:

  • Lab Lights: Multiple users have reported invisible levels.
  • Lab Lights: The end screen whites out. You must walk upwards out of the room to complete the game.
  • ARBF: Clearing your save also clears the bundle achievements.
  • Snowman Slide: Clearing your save also clears in-game achievements (but does not clear bundle achievements).
  • Str1ngle: Crash on launch with Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Windows 7 - 2011 driver). If you happen to encounter a crash, I can provide a working version. Unfortunately, this will not be fixed in 1.0.1 unless further investigation is done.


  • Hexagon Tribute: It is particularly difficult! I am afraid of reducing the difficulty, because it is meant to be a challenge, however it does stand out against the others.
  • Dynamole: It is strange that there is an achievement not viewable in-game. Should it be added to the in-game achievements menu, or remain bundle-only?

I appreciate all the feedback!
I'm happy to hear the bundle is generally stable and well received so far! Watch out for 1.0.1, and I hope you have a great day!

Bug Report Thread

Hi! I just wanted to start a thread for bug reports and known issues to help answer questions during launch.
If you encounter any big show-stoppers, please let me know so I can help work through it.


Things I'd love to improve post-launch:

  1. The unzipped file size is 198 MB.
    This is due to 12 identical "lime.ndll" files. Currently I do not know of a workaround, but I would like to work with the Lime community to solve this! We can get it under 100 Megabytes without these files.
  2. Support for Mac and Linux. 
    This should be totally possible, however I don't have a setup for making these builds yet.
  3. Calming down antiviruses about it being an unsigned (untrusted) app.
    I really don't know best practices here. Someone has received a scary "operation did not complete successfully" error from Windows Defender, but reopening the app solved the issue. I'm not sure the extent of the problem, so let me know if you encounter issues and how I can help!
  4. A console window showing up next to the games.
    This is more of a tiny annoyance, though I can't find a solution at the moment.



I'm sure there are issues I have overlooked or hardware that the games simply don't work on yet. Please send me a message so I can help :)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I know there was progress on a full Linux version, but ultimately, right now we don't immediately support it. We have heard varying success from Windows emulator users, but the experience with that will probably never be optimal.

I believe the game is tagged with Linux because we have a Linux demo available. I can see how that would be misleading though, so I'll ask the team about that.

Thanks again, and I hope this at least helps clarify our intentions here! Also, thank you for supporting the bundle!

Hey! Thank you for supporting the bundle and for checking out Golden Treasure.

I'm glad the issue fixed itself after reinstalling - not sure what happened there for the audio to be missing. We'll have to keep that in mind in the future though. I think we're going to try updating the build here to the latest Steam version soon, so hopefully that will make things a bit more stable.

Thanks again!