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A Very Surprising Twist

A topic by loverofnatsuki created 64 days ago Views: 166 Replies: 1
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When I first opened up the game it looked pretty innocent, although they did give a warning which at first I thought was strange but I thought nothing of it and continued. It was the first day, I met all of the girls, joined the club and the day ended. I had to write a poem, I thought about writing a poem for Monika but she wasn't a option so I went for Natsuki.  I stayed faithful to Natsuki, that was until Sayori started acting kind of strange... I thought about writing a poem for her but I just assumed that she was just having a bad day. (Besides, I wanted to stay faithful to Natsuki.) I choose to help Natsuki with the festival preparations, (such a nice part.) Before Natsuki came to the house, I visit Sayori and started to feel bad for not choosing to help her. After I helped Natsuki cook she had to leave,  while saying "goodbye" to her, It seemed Natsuki was going to confess. Sayori then came seeing what we were doing, she felt horrible. Sayori then confesses to me, and I told her "You will always be my dearest friend." Feeling rejected, Sayori went back home. The next morning, I get to the club room and Monika asks me about Sayori, feeling regretful, I run over to Sayoris house not knowing what to expect. "I gently open the door," "Sayo-" That's when things get real... Sayori hung herself... The game then opens itself again, going to the main menu, Sayori is replaced with a corrupted Monika sprite.

Act 2, Act 2, Act2... I can't talk about that...

In the end of all of that, I reach act 3. Monika deletes Natsuki and Yuri, afterwards I go in a room with Monika. I learn that Monika's responsible for all of the girls deaths, she's the one who made Sayori hang herself, she's the one who made Yuri stab herself, most importantly, she's the one who made Natsukis neck crack... I deleted Monika. Afterwards Sayori becomes aware, she want's to stay with me forever in a void of nothing. Monika doesn't allow it and... The credits play,  Monika thanks us for being a part of the club. That's it. The game ends.

I really enjoyed this game, things would have been better if I could save all the girls. But I can't... and that's okay. 

I guess.

If you don't pick a few certain choices you wouldn't see Natsuki's neck break, btw. I just wanted to say that. XD