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Super Text Mesh Is Missing Fields (Like Draw Animation)

A topic by AnthonyUccello created Sep 17, 2019 Views: 113 Replies: 6
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I am just getting started but I am confused as to what I am not understanding. When I look at the same scene, I see a Super Text Mesh object which has the following:

But when I create one, I am missing a lot of these fields, including Draw Anim Name

Can you suggest what I am not understanding and how I can create a Super Text Mesh which lets me specify the Draw Anim Name?



To make those fields appear, the "read delay" field needs to be a value higher than 0.

If you want to apply a draw animation to text that all reads out instantly, try selecting the "all at once" draw order! I understand this is a bit of a design issue affordance-wise, but I'm not sure how to remove this confusion in the future... I hope this helps, though!

Ok That got it working thanks. Is there a way to preview these animations? I currently can only see them at run time.

As a side question, are there any plugins that work with Super Text Mesh that focus on Animations? E.g. TextFX does text animations but they use special TextFX objects. Im looking for a way to do more robust animations on text after its already drawn so if you have any suggestions I would love to know.


Ah yeah, there's no way to preview animations besides using a test scene designed for that.

Try checking out some of the example scenes! STM has a "vertexmod" event that can me used to do additional animations. Try attaching the "STMvertexmod" component to an object and hooking up one of its methods to STM's vertexmod event. The "sketchify" one is very popular, and I've used this method to bend STM along a curve, before.

What kind of animations did you have in mind, though?

Ah ok I will do that!

I had read through the documentation and I didnt see any complex examples there so I figured I'd ask.

An example of a text animation I am looking for is say we want to bounce the animation a few times (each time the bounce gets less) and then shake and pop it out of existence.


Hmm, that's pretty complex... you might be able to achieve something similar with undraw animations? You can customize the curves on those to do bounces! Undraw animations are the same as draw animations, they just play in reverse!

Ok cool Ill try that out thank you