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Purple screen

A topic by bucky980 created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 639 Replies: 6
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The screen is completely purple on both windows versions

Same problem, have you solved it?


Sadly no. I installed the update and now it's just a purple screen with fire the spins around likes it's on a raft.

Tou com o mesmo problema alguem me ajuda

mines the same way and I don't no how to fix it :(

idk why devs dont  help

The development of Raft moved to Steam more than a year ago. Raft prototype available here on itch is no longer update nor supported.

If you want the current version, you can find it on steam here:

As for the issue is most likely graphics card related. The prototype requires DirectX 11 compliant iirc. If you're running laptop with integrated graphics chip, it probably doesn't (fully) support DirectX 11. Do note that just having DirectX 11 installed does not mean your graphics card supports it.

Find out what model graphics card you have and check on the net what DirectX version does it support. You could also try updating your graphics card drivers.