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Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain! · By Matt Makes Games, Noel

How do you get the Farewell chapter for the version?

A topic by Knight's House Games created 10 days ago Views: 312 Replies: 4
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Is there some sort of update function? Somewhere to download a patch of some sort from?

The latest version of the game on has the DLC included. Just download the game the same way you downloaded it before, copy the Saves folder over from the old version, and the Farewell chapter should be available.

So basically I have to re-download the game again from the original email (I got my copy as a gift for christmas) and just put it where I have the current version and that will be the most recent version?

I believe that is the case. Just be sure not to accidentally delete your Saves folder.

If you use the itch client, you don't have to do anything: it will update the game automatically and you are all set. Keep in mind that you have to have completed 8A to unlock Farewell.