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The Unique Adventure

A topic by Darkest Desire Studio created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 1,095 Replies: 2
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Trailer :

The Walker family had great hopes for their son, who they thought would make an exceptional doctor someday. Passionate, caring and responsible were just a small part of the huge list of adjectives his parents used to describe him. Just as our hero was going home, his drunk and enlightened mind came up with a brilliant idea - why not visit his ex-girlfriend? You wake up in an unfamiliar house after bashing your head on the pavement of her backyard. Will the young Walker find his way back home, or will he be forever stuck in this weird place?

The Unique Adventure isn't just a game - it's an experience. One, that is driven only by your choices... Well... Mostly by your choices. The game will feature lots of opportunities to show how unique you are with your decisions. Be careful though - just like in real life, there will be consequences...

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The Unique Adventure Introduction :

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