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My first videogame

A topic by diskland created Sep 07, 2019 Views: 175 Replies: 2
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Realizing my childhood dream. Making my first videogame.

Take a look:



Just looked at the page, and I really liked all of the drawings on the page! But maybe you should move them into a devlog? Normally the project page itself is to show people why to play your game, not how it works behind the scenes :)

Your game looks really cool, but the only thing that I thought was weird is that the plane is tilting in the wrong direction when moving left and right, maybe you should look into that again :)


Hi! Thank you for the comment, that means a lot!

You may be right about the devlog, I  have to fix it as soon as I get some time on my hands. The idea was to make a site that can pass as a temporary homepage. I thought that project page may be better suited for this, because of it's cleaner look. I assume it worked out a bit awkward :-) 

 About the direction of the planes rotation... Yeah I get that feedback a lot, I just liked the look of this maneuver more. I will add an option in the  settings menu to change it however you like.

Best regards!

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