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Rustangelo App

Rustangelo is an automatic sign painter for RUST. · By Rustangelo

Mutiple Monitors

A topic by Billiam94 created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 385 Replies: 2
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So when I realized that I can't use the mouse while Rustangelo is doing its thing, I was like, "That's cool, I'll just set up a second screen and watch something while it goes." Unfortunately, this seems to mess with the screen coordinates in a way that Rustangelo completely borks out and clicks in mostly the wrong spots, often those spots are on the other monitor. I'm just wondering if there's a solution to this in the setting somewhere that I missed or if you could possibly work it into a future release. So far I'm loving this app because I can put some really great signs into my RP server with it, I just wish I could do other things on my computer while it runs!

I found it! I just needed to use the DPI offset setting.


Great! Glad to you found the DPI setting. And unfortunately the inability to multitask while painting is a limitation of the system mouse click automation. There is no way around it as Rustangelo has to assume control to paint a sign.