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Donsol is a solitary card game in which you must go through the deck in sequences of 4 cards. · By Rek & Devine

Donsol Guide Sticky

A topic by Rek & Devine created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 3,415
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A standard deck, jokers included, is a dungeon. Shuffle the deck and draw 4 cards, display them before you, this is a room. A room ends when all the cards are folded.

♦ Diamonds are shields
♥ ︎Hearts arepotions
♠ Spades are monsters
♣ ︎Clubs and Jokers are also monsters

♥︎ Potions

You begin with a max of 21 health points and can never go above. You can only drink one potion at a time, taking another will make you sick and result in no extra healing. Potions are equal to their value and face cards (J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

♦ Shield Cards

Equipping a shield allows you to absorb the damage difference from a monster value. Shields can only defend monsters in descending value and if you use a shield on a monster with higher or equal value to the previous, it will break.

If you have an 8 shield equipped, by attacking a 9 monster you suffer 1 damage.

Broken shields leave you unarmored, and you take full damage. A shield card will replace a previously folded shield card. Shields are equal to their value and face cards(J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

♣♠ Monster Cards

Monster cards are equal to their value, and face cards are as follows J is 11, Q is 13, K is 15, A is 17; Jokers are both equal to 21.

Running away

Once you have dealt with at least 3 cards, you can move onto the next room(set of 4 cards), moving the remainder card to the bottom of the deck. You can run away from a room you have not interacted with, once in a row.

Example Play

<b data-redactor-tag="b">Room 1</b> 7♦ Q♥︎ 10♠ J♣︎

_ Equip the 7♦ shield.

_ Battle the J♣ ; 11-7 = 4 lost HP

_ Battle the 10♠ ; 10-7 = 3 lost HP

_ Drink the Q♥︎ ; 14+11 = 21 max HP

<b>Room 2</b> A♦ K♦ K♣︎ 9♥︎

_ Equip the K♦, replacing 7♦

_ Battle the K♣︎ ; 15-11 = 4 lost HP

_ Drink the 9♥︎ ; 17+9 = 21 max HP

_ Run away, return A♦

<b>Room 3</b> A♣︎ J♣︎ 10♦ 6♠

_ Continue making your way through the deck

_ until all cards used, and all enemies defeated.