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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Linux version

A topic by nishazzar created Jan 05, 2017 Views: 271 Replies: 2
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your game looks great so far and I would love to throw some money at you, if this game gets a linux release ;) So my question is: Is there a Linux / SteamOS version planned in the near future? I'm quite sure, there are more penguins out there who would love this game.




Sadly unlikely - the game uses Adobe AIR, which isn't Linux friendly. Otherwise we'd love to support it.

Oh that's bad but I totally understand your decision and thank you for your fast reply. I wish you all the best with our game and perhaps it's such a huge success, that you decide to create a "enhanced edition" or something alike, that doesn't use Adobe AIR =P.