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Playthrough & thoughts

A topic by Cryptic Hybrid created Aug 28, 2019 Views: 253 Replies: 2
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Hey, I got to play yesterday and make a video. I got the problem with the ending too, no followup on 'the arrival'.  But other than that didn't encounter anything major. I thought there was rice in the food but that's I guess the recipe when doing a fast. Overall, really cool idea, good puzzles, if possible it would be great to see more... maybe... what happens.. after. :) Also, for people who don't speak Romanian, there are a few explanations in there. :) 


Hey man! That was awesome. Thanks for playing and sharing the video. 

Good that you gave some insight on Romanian lore for other players out there. Yes, the rice was supposed to be in 'sarmale', but it didn't seem very 'folkloric' so it was skipped for this purpose. Thanks for the feedback and input on this, it really does help. 

If you want we can send you a message when the final version is out. There's also a continuation to the story that we are currently developing. 

`seara buna !


Salut. ;) It will be great to see the final version, let me know, of course. It's really cool to see this setting and look and feel... even as a city boy. Can't wait to see how things will progress. Are we going to cook mici next? Oh no... mămăligă! hehe... :)