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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 230,103
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Version 1.05
2016-01-2, 17:10

For this version we have a new survey which will help us in further developing Raft. Please take your time to answer it.

  • Day and Night Cycle!
  • New water
  • New buildables:
  • New graphics for thatch
  • New plant: Beetroot
  • New resource: Nail
  • Redid collision system when placing objects.
  • Options menu which includes video, audio and control settings (more options will come later)
  • Save button added separetly so you can exit the game without saving
  • You can now hold 'R' to rotate items freely and tap 'R' to snap 90 degrees.
  • Pickup buildable items by hitting breaking them with the axe such as cookingstations, chests and more.
  • Bug fix: Stuff placed underneath a ramp should work as intended
  • Bug fix: Getting stuck in item nets should not happen any more
  • Bug fix: Disapearing items from chests should be fixed.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer walk twice as fast by walking diagonaly
  • Bug fix: Shark stuck in eat animation
  • Bug fix: Interaction range fixed with useable objects such as chests and cooking stations
  • Bug fix: Could not build where a building had been destroyed

Version 1.04
2016-12-31, 13:29

Important!! Saved games before V1.04 is not compatible with V1.04

  • Chests! There is now a way to store your stuff!
  • Mac support!
  • Linux support! (Has not been fully tested, help us test it Linux users)
  • Updated readme file
  • Text that tells the users how to rotate ("R" key) objects while building
  • Changed description of Axe
  • Hook charges faster when holding left click
  • Hook pulls towards player faster
  • Added support for not creating a save file with an already existing name
  • Shark does more damage
  • Shark has more health
  • Sprinting with SHIFT
  • Item stacking when combining draging an item onto another item of the same type
  • Bug fix: Walls could not be placed at all rotations when placed around a pillar
  • Bug fix: Flying coconuts
  • Bug fix: Floors could not be placed sometimes, this should be fixed now

Version 1.03 (Hotfix)
2016-12-24, 09:16

  • Repaired version 1.02 mistake where one would get stuck on loading screen after creating a new game, silly but devastating mistake by us

Version 1.02
2016-12-23, 22:16

  • Fixed major bug where loading a game could cause the loading of a level to freeze and crash the game.
  • Added a loading screen
  • Fixed bug where walls could not always be placed next to each other

Version 1.01
2016-12-23, 15:30

  • You can now save your game. This is done by exiting the game to desktop or to main menu.
    Everything is not saved in this patch, this is a list of what is saved currently:
    -The raft
    -Player stats
    -Crop plot and cooking stands

    More saving will be added in future patches.
  • Bug where items would stop spawning fixed
  • Shark meat name has been changed to "Cooked shark meat" from "Cooked mackerel"
  • Net has changed name to "Item net" from "Net"
  • Fixed bug where opening inventory while in build menu would create a GUI glitch
  • Removed water splash effect when shark is dead