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Insatia on Mac - Feedback Wanted! Sticky

A topic by quyse created Dec 29, 2016 Views: 1,232 Replies: 5
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Developer (1 edit)

Hey happy Mac owners,

We have a Mac version of Insatia now! It's fully playable, in terms of gameplay and content it's the same game as Insatia on Windows and Linux, and from now on we're going to support all three platforms. In terms of codebase it's much closer to Linux version though, so it has the same known issues as the Linux one: no gamepad support, some menu settings don't work, and other small things. We'll get those done eventually.

I must admit that I have much more development experience for Linux rather than Mac, so any feedback on how it actually works on Mac (or how it doesn't work on Mac) will be priceless. Please be sure to mention your configuration (OS version, hardware) when reporting issues. Also please read about system requirements and possible caveats at the bottom of the game page.


Sound doesn't work on Mac El Capitan Version 10.11.6. No music or sound effects at all. And yes, my speakers were on and the sliders were up.


Hi Daoloth, that's sad, thanks for reporting this! Could you please upload your Log.txt file on some site like and post here link to it? Your Log.txt must be in the folder Contents/MacOS inside the Insatia package. If you're running Insatia via itch app, you can use 'Show local files' button to get to the package. (Just in case, you can use 'Show Package Contents' command in the package's context menu in Finder to open the package rather than launch it).

Also, do you happen to have multiple sound outputs? Like additional sound card, or speakers + headphones attached at the same time? It's possible we don't handle that correctly at the moment, you can try to disable or unplug additional devices and see if you can get sounds on other device. If it's the case, we'll fix it! Sorry for the trouble, we have very few Mac testers unfortunately, so some Mac-specific problems are hard to catch.

No additional sound cards, speakers, or headphones. It wasn't really a problem though. I just listened to music while playing. I beat it, and uninstalled it, and I have no clue how to get to the Itch logs in the first place. I'm just letting you know that sound isn't there incase someone comes around who has a real problem.


Ok, no problem, thanks again for your feedback! I took a note, and try to test more on multiple Mac systems to eliminate problems like this one.

(I don't know where the bug feedback site is...) There is a bug where AI worms get stuck caterpillar crawling, and they don't target anything. They just bounce around the screen, only turning when they hit an obstacle. They can still eat things, but they won't target food. This is more common in max size worms, but can happen to ideal sized worms as well. If their segments are destroyed, they will speed up a bit, then slow down again. Doing this repeatedly can snap then out of their trance. They can return to normal before then, but they are easy food and will probably get eaten. 

Some snap out of it, others become HOR' DOURVES.