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Is there any end or do I just have to hit exit when there is no one left?

Click on their portrait or press 1, 2, 3, or 4 and then right click where you want them to go, what you want to interact with, or who you want to attack. Press q and left click to attack move which is very important due to the extremely small enemy hitboxes.

Too short. Difficulty ramps up exponentially, quickly causing you to lose if you don't beat it as fast as possible. There should be hotkeys to use abilities and make/select groups; there aren't. A grand total of 4 weapons with 2 of them requiring researching by unlocking the blacksmith and the materials, by which point there is absolutely nothing else to do but explore the jungle and navigate the only slightly uncommon bears that can 2-3 shot your team with an aoe attack; or just finish the game entirely. Bear bones AI that can be led in circles with one tank as you just hit everybody else with either the musket aoe or the mortar aoe which 2 shots even the bears. No saving progress which doesn't really matter because of point number one but it still needs to be brought up. Considering it was made by students it is a very good game that looks pretty damn nice. A damn shame development will not continue.

No additional sound cards, speakers, or headphones. It wasn't really a problem though. I just listened to music while playing. I beat it, and uninstalled it, and I have no clue how to get to the Itch logs in the first place. I'm just letting you know that sound isn't there incase someone comes around who has a real problem.

Or at the very least give the manual download a centralized exe so it can be run on mac with Wineskin.

Partition your hard drive, or get a second, cheap, small one, put the Mac OS on it, and work from there.

Sound doesn't work on Mac El Capitan Version 10.11.6. No music or sound effects at all. And yes, my speakers were on and the sliders were up.