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A topic by Kenney created Dec 27, 2016 Views: 3,077
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Getting Started

GameGO is an application that can launch any game (executable) currently installed on your PC. Edit the easy to understand XML files using any text editor and add your own games.

Default controls


Select game: Arrow keys
Start game: Spacebar
Exit application: Escape
Switch tabs: Z and X


Select game: Axis 0 and 1 (DPAD or left joystick)
Start game: Button 4
Exit application: Button 10
Switch tabs: Button 6 and 7

Adding games

The included file (games.xml) contains all the games and their properties.

<category title='Your Title'> A category (tab on top of screen)
<game> This holds your game properties
<title> The title of the game (currently not used within GameGO)
<banner> The banner image file location (ex. banner\game.png or C:\banners\game.png)
<executable> The location of the games executable (ex. E:\Games\Game\Game.exe)
<parameters> If the executable allows it, you can add parameters (ex. -nogui -windowed)


Point to an EXE or BAT file to start a game or app. To start games using emulators you'll have to point executable to the emulator and parameters to the rom file. Instead of pointing to an executable you can also enter an URL to open, for HTML5 games and opening webpages.

Changing the configuration

The config.ini file holds all the configuration options, each option has instructions attached.


The size of the thumbnails/banners in GameGO are the same as seen in the Steam grid view. These 460 × 215 (or 920 × 430) images can be found on the following websites:


Place JPG/JPEG/PNG images in the background folder, the game will select a random image file from the folder to use as background. Make sure that the option randomBackground in config.ini is set to true.


Place MP3 files in the music folder, the game will select a random audio file from the folder to play during game selection. Make sure the option playMusic in config.ini is set to true.