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Celestial Bond: Nine of Swords

First chapter of Celestial Bond; LGBT alien love story. · By Selenity

Post opinions and critiques here! Sticky

A topic by Selenity created Aug 13, 2019 Views: 117 Replies: 4
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Let's keep the discussion board clean! Post all your regular comments and critiques here please <3

why did you change the engine? ren'py is good for story-focused games


While I do agree with your argument, I wanted to make the main series into an RPG since the beginning, because I wanted to create a certain gameplay dynamic. Ren'py worked great for the prologue and Astrocops, but for this it doesn't feel right.

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I just finished it.

I like the lore. You can't have enough of cute alien girls.

Pretty good plot. Maybe a bit used idea but it's still good.

good looking artstyle  (for RPG Maker game)


Thank you, glad you liked it!