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Bow deflecting arrows

A topic by Walker created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 276 Replies: 10
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The title says it all; I just really think if you're going for a bow run that it's much harder to do if there are archers firing at you and you can't deflect without switching.

Well, how would you make it look?

Just the same animation with the bow instead or an actual animation?

Would it be an upgrade maybe to the bow?

I just cant really see a bow deflecting arrows

Well as of looks the only thought I have had is like the bow tilting to where the arrow is and it deflecting off to the side. With the block projectiles upgrade I think that it shouldn't just apply to the sword, and include the bow. While aiming I don't think it makes much sense to be able to deflect there, but while moving and waiting for another shot I think it should fir there nicely.

But i mean your sword is out of laser / plasma

so it makes a bit of sense that it can reflect.

But your bow is litreally wood, and i feel like if their swords can cut through a metal robot, wood wont really stand a chance.

And i feel like bow shouldnt really have a block option since it should be used situational. Ofcourse on a bow only challange it might be intresting.

Lets see what the devs say

Well, I was thinking and that's a good point on the bow material. So why not an upgrade one or tow into the bow tree to make it some other kind of metal? In addition to being able to block with the block projectile upgrade it also has faster draw/release times. Your point still stands about how arrows slice through other things but personally I have never seen you shooting a swords hilt and the plasma fall off. So that's a different metal or is that a thing?

I mean the diffrent-material bow upgrade is a good idea, make it with some other upgrades

and i feel like the reason you never see your hilt being cut, is because when both your hands are gone. Youre dead

so i feel like the devs didnt imploment a "destroyable" hilt

It isn't destroyable, I checked after a round. But, is it because that metal is special, or did the dev's make it so without meaning that there is a metal that can't but cut with those swords?

Umm well I didn't question this before, but the bows are made out of the gold materials the hilt is.

That would make the game easier, but I like the tension of not being able to deflect arrows when your bow is out.

When you die to an arrow with the bow out, how does it make you feel?

Just somewhat annoyed. The upgrade wasn't specific so I just assumed they could both block.

That's good feedback. Maybe we should indicate that it's only for swords...