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Square x Square

A topic by PiratesOfLove created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 251
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Square x Square is a multiplayer local game for up to 4 players.

You and your friends can choose between 12 hats and 12 weapons. Each hat and weapon have differents stats (attack,defense and speed) that interfer directly on your ingame stats.

There are 3 differents types of weapon: Melee,low range and high range. Each type have a different gameplay.

So, after this, you are placed in a arena with loop in the bords.

Each arena have a box that generates random events. These events can be good or bad. Do you have lucky?

Some events:

  • The player who collects the box spawns explosives minions
  • All players recieve a increase of 999 in the attack. Just one hit kill other players.
  • Speed x2 to all players
  • Laser spawn from the sky
  • Attack x2 to all
  • Attack +4 to the player who collect the box
  • Life - 5/s to all players
  • Jump in enemys head kill them
  • Randomize all player's weapon
  • Eventually, players have your position changed
  • Infinity jump (fly?)

Here are just 11 random events. Our plan are code up to 50 to the final version.

Some curious infos:

The game is being developed in GameMaker.

The game already support GamePads

The game will not have Save Game (maybe just for the options things) because he don't need

We love cubes and squares

The game don't have sounds yet

There are a lot of placeholders yet


Please, leave your comments after testing :)