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XXY Oscilloscope

an Audio-input Oscilloscope & Vectorscope · By s-ol

This app is beautiful, near exactly what I'm looking for. I have a question about the signal generator!

A topic by Kirk Markarian created Aug 04, 2019 Views: 36 Replies: 3
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So, I can get this app to make beautiful designs to my own music.  Perfect.  But, it only outputs one pattern using only music.

My questions are:

Can it be made so the signal generator makes NO sound, like a volume on/off button, but one could still access the controls to create pretty patterns while the audio file plays?

Can the user have a way to set the controls to react to transients?  Say there's a ticking sound in the track, and the transient of said ticking could be ported to control a slider?

In any case, it's beautiful and I can make all sorts of beautiful patterns with it, so looking forward to seeing more!


Hey Kirk!

I'm glad you find this useful :)

If I understand correctly, you would like to view the mix of Signal Generator + Audio File, but here only the Audio File?

In general, I personally have not been using the Signal generator very much (and it even seemed to me that it has a bug where a dot in the zero position is added?), when I play with patterns I usually use PureData and the Microphone section of the scope.

What you are asking for is definitely possible to implement though. If you know JavaScript,  you can find the source for this here:

(you don't need node, docker or electron for playing around with it, it's enough just to open index.html in your browser)

I'm not sure how interested I am in adding this to my version of the project, I was actually thinking about removing the Signal Generator altogether in favor of making it purely an output display.


Taking the sound portion of the signal generator out would be exactly what I'm looking for.  I don't need to hear sine waves change to modulated other waves, got me plenty 'o synths for that :D  Just having the ability to enter the equations (which I do not understand, because I'm neither a coder nor mathematician) would be fine by me.  I like the pretty lights.  I'll take a look at the javascript, and see if I can dissect anything that makes any sort of sense to me, but if you get to removing the sine wave generators first, I'll be keeping an eye on this page!


About your second question, that sounds far too complicated to add to this, I really recommend you check out PureData, Max/MSP or something similar if you want to do something like that. It will let you do all the mixing, analyzing and shape-synthesis you want :)