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A topic by Cairn4 created 311 days ago Views: 1,715
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Some answers to commonly asked questions about MewnBase:

If I buy the game now, will I get access to future updates?

Steam Release?
I'd like to, but not anytime soon. Think the game needs to get a bit farther along in development before I consider putting it up on Steam. I think itch.io is a great fit for it at the moment.

Will there be a mobile port? Or could it be ported to platform ____ ?
While an Android port would be technically possible, it would require a lot more work in making all the menus and player interactions touch-screen friendly, which I'm not ready to support at this point. Sticking to just desktop Windows / macOS / Linux for now.

Multiplayer / Co-op?
Not planning on it.

Monsters / Combat?
Some sort of life-forms would be nice, but running around with a space-gun isn't going to be the focus of this game.

I found a bug, what should I do?
For now, make a new post and slap it with the "bug" tag. If it's something like "the game isn't loading/working" it would be helpful to know your OS and some info about your hardware specs (like processor and video card model).

What was the game written in?
The Java game framework libGDX.

Got a question not answered here? Post it in a new thread and I'll try and answer it as soon as I can :)