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Tinkering with the source code for Expand / AI DLL

A topic by ww2_weasel created Aug 03, 2019 Views: 126 Replies: 3
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The first try at creating a new AI, I will create one that can be used by some of the default game's units.

 ExpandAI.DLL will get an upgrade.   Might be named ExpandAI2.DLL

Started work on a new expand AI source code/dll.  3/4 of the work is done, now to think out the rest and test out later. Might still be awhile before I finish it up. I'm sure I'll have to work out bugs.

This source code will run off the games original default variables like  infantry, transport, destroyer, fighter and then introduce: armor, bomber, battleship, cruiser, submarine and carrier.      PB, AA, LA and HA later on down the road.

So as long a mod creator  keeps the existing variables of default AI DLL's  like example unit name: Infantry and not deviate from original, more likely than not you may also benefit from using the new Expanding AI DLL .

When done with expandAI, I will move onto the WW2Intermediate mod's AI.DLL.


Definitely keep me updated.

Almost ready to compile and test. When I get some free time in the next week or so.

A great resource for understanding C#.

After viewing 2 hours I already have a better understanding of the AI DLL.