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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Confused with the itch version and steam version.

A topic by JASONJOKY created Aug 02, 2019 Views: 648 Replies: 6
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What's the difference between itch version and steam version.Do I need to buy the game again on steam if I want to start with it?


No you dont, it will still get updated on itch a few days after the steam launch.

If there will be further updates beyond that all depends on how it goes, i truly believe when people see FlowScape they will love to buy it, but if sales numbers are too low on day one, steam may not put it on their front page. If you want to see development continue, you would indirectly help by wishlisting it and buying a copy for yourself or a friend.


I'm requesting for a refund.What should I do?   I will buy this on steam if there will have the workshop,people can upload their shders models etc.


I cant guarantee workshop support. I have not even looked at what is involved yet.

Just concentrating on marketing at the moment

Feel free to refund though

thx,I got it.

Thanks for continuing to update itch - just bought it off here, had a real quick play with it and this is really awesome!


Happy you like it!

Thanks for supporting