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Kenney Studio 0.2.0 released!

A topic by Kenney created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 512 Replies: 12
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A new version of Kenney Studio has been released! This version adds content and a bunch of features, like the ability to create an animation using various elements! Here's the full changelog:

Changelog 0.2.0:

  • Added animation features! (create, edit and export animations)
  • New setting: Background color
  • New setting: Grid size (hold shift while dragging to snap to grid)
  • New setting: Selection box type
  • New setting: Mask border display
  • Added 3D shader effect (see FX tab)
  • Added help prompts (more will be added)
  • Added button to center asset in workplace (new tab)
  • Added support for pixel art elements (snapping, scaling, rotation)
  • Show element ID in *elements* overview tab
  • Show selected element in *elements* overview tab
  • Fixed context menu behavior


  • New collection: Alien character
  • New collection: Building elements
  • Tanks 'n Boats collection: New options for *porthole* element
  • Tanks 'n Boats collection: Ability to disable *mouth* in *face* element
  • Tanks 'n Boats collection: Ability to change *gun* element color

YAY! Its here!

@kenney, you sending out a email soon? A notifcation to buyers that there new version is out :) .


E-mail is going out as soon as the Mac OSX version has been released too, just be by Friday tops.

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I want Maccccccc version


I thinks the Mac version is released.


Nope it's delayed a bit, should be next week.

I noticed that the Mac version is usually always a bit later then the Windows. Do you have to create a separate version for mac :) ?


Nope it's actually the exact same version/files etc. but to compile for OSX I have to boot up my ol' iMac which was bought specifically for compiling OSX versions. The trouble is that usually Apple has updated their operating system which forces me to upgrade, I also have to update Adobe AIR for OSX (using an older version would mean it wouldn't work with the newest OSX) and make sure all files are compiled correctly (unlike the Windows version you can't just add files to the binary file and get it going).

All in all it's a lot of work for no reason other than it being Apple and annoying.

Why I'm not get any information email about this update? I just checking up today, and OMG it was been pass 5 days .__.


E-mail will go out once OSX version is released, that would be fair for all OSX users.



The OSX version has been released, please excuse the delay - constantly working on making it less of a pain on my part.

Hey Kenney!

Love all your work!

The animation tool is really cool! Very simple!

Thank you!