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How to play Sticky

A topic by Tortue created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 878
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Basic principles

A dual goal

  1. Establish a cost-effective trading system by buying at low prices and selling at high prices.
  2. Increase the population by providing a lot of needed resources at low prices

Market - Supply and Demand

  • everything goes through the markets
    • exploitations sell resources on connected market
    • workshops buy resources required for production and sell produced resource
    • demand buildings buy resources
    • local market population buy needed resources
  • traders buy and sell resources from one market to another
  • supply and demand influence prices
    • If someone wants to buy but there is no seller then it is added to the buyers queue. Demand increase and price start to rise.
    • If someone wants to sell but there is no buyer then it is added to the sellers queue. Stock increase and price start to fall.

Population satisfaction

The first objective is to attract the population to a market and make it grow.

To do this, it is necessary to provide the needed resources at one market. Then prices will fall and satisfaction will raise. After a few days, population will start to come.

The population generates demand on the market. The more people there are the more the need gauge of each needed resources fills up quickly. When a gauge is full a new demand (buy order) appears on the market.

First steps

  1. Build markets near resource sites
  2. Create trade routes to buy resources at one or more markets and sell them on another
  3. Hire traders to follow trade routes

Basic controls


At the top of the screen you can see the current day and some control buttons:

  • next day
  • play/pause
  • speed. By clicking on the speed indicator you can change the speed


  • Scroll the map by clicking and dragging on it.
  • Zoom in/out using the mouse wheel


Select an element in the building menu at the right then hover the map, you will see a placeholder, green if you can build, red otherwise. Some dashed lines indicate the links with neighboring elements.