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a different take on the roguelike genre · By Dejima

may i get a steam key?

A topic by wongchance created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 330 Replies: 12
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for this game?


Hi Wongchance,

When you buy the game you have the opportunity to claim a Steam key.

It should be accessible from the download page of illumine.

Dear developer,

I purchased this game on but I can't see any steam key on the download page.


Hi amossong,

Thank you for purchasing illumine!

You should be able to claim your Steam key from the download page like so:

I purchased Illumine 174 days ago and there is still no "Get Steam Key" button on my download page.  It's been a long time since the other person started this thread and your replies but here I  am still without a key.


Hi SkEyE,

May I ask how/where you purchased illumine?

I purchased it in a Groupees bundle.  There is no Steam key at Groupees and none on my link page here.

I will also mention that there is a badge on the game in my Groupees account, a graphic, that says Thanks for the supporting the game and that I will get a key when the game is released on Steam, but as I have said there is no key on Groupees (only the itchio claim link) and no "Get Steam Key" link here.


Hi SkEye,

The "Get Steam Key" link on only appears if you have purchased the game on

Groupees is supposed to provide a Steam key. If they haven't done it, try contacting Groupees, it might be a mistake on their part.

Hi Dejima. Thank you for the replies.  I will inquire with Groupees support.

YUP! , Key for the Remute's Odyssey Bundle from Groupees (2016) are available from your My Purchases bundle page at Groupees.

Thank you very much :-)

Groupees still hasn't added a key for Illumine on my account.  When I go to the game in the purchases section it has the crossed out key which I used to activate it here and underneath that there is a badge graphic saying thanks for supporting Green Light and that a Steam key will be provided when it gets Green Lit but there is no code except the one. 


Hello SkEyE,

Please contact Groupees for any issues concerning a purchase made on their website. I don't have any control over it.